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How to Grow a Profitable Business Using the Community Business Model

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What People Are Saying:

Having taken part in Claire's online community group, Like Hearted Leaders, for nearly a year now, I can honestly say what a fabulous and skilled Community builder and facilitator Claire is. She has built up an incredible group of not only like-minded, but truly like-hearted individuals who all care and contribute to each other and the wider world in a very powerful way. The care and attention she gives to us all during and in between the group sessions is fantastic. I would highly recommend taking on board Claire's advice and expertise in this area, if you, too are looking to take part in such a group or set one up for yourself. She is an absolute natural talent and no doubt would be very capable of sharing her methods and practices in her unique way.

Hazel de Kloe - Wealth Whisperer

Building a community isn’t easy but Claire is inclusive and passionate about building a safe space with trust and integrity shared between all participants. This results in an incredibly mutually supportive community that feels organic but is carefully curated behind the scenes by Claire. If you’re looking for someone to help build your community I’d recommend talking to Claire and discovering just how energetic, dedicated and enthusiastic she is about communities and their benefits. It’s definitely something she could help and support you with. Recommended.

Lucy Hull - Entrepreneur & Founder of For the Love of the North