What  members say about Like Hearted Leaders...

"If you are looking for a community where people feel championed, supported, able to step forward with honesty and vulnerability. Community that makes a difference. Look no further than LHL."

Ruth Polden

Feldenkrais Practitioner, Yoga Facilitator & Mentor

This is a brilliant community of people who get together once a week, sharing successes, challenges and everything in between

Will Hemming

MD of Tracker

"To build a strong community you need expertise, passion and compassion. Claire, understands the processes of building communities but also why they are important and goes above and beyond to make them vibrant. I highly recommend her and LHL.

Adrian Sandy

Brand & Innovation Strategist


OPTION 1 - The Community Hour Membership


Weekly Meetup Membership

A Safe Space for Powerful Weekly Conversations with Leaders Just Like YOU

  • On a Friday ... 8.30-9.30am GMT via Zoom
  • LHL Private What's App Group
  • Masterclasses and recordings of back catalogue of over 24 previous sessions 
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OPTION 2 - LHL Immersive Membership


Like Hearted Leaders Hero 

Full inclusive membership

  • On a Friday ... Zoom Community Meetup
  • LHL Monthly Expert Learning Workshop
  • Business Brainstorm Sessions
  • LHL BookClub
  • LHL Deep work sessions
  • LHL What's App Private Group
  • Gives a spot to leaders who couldn't otherwise afford LHL
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