It's for you if you want radical accountability to get the results in your life and business that you've been dreaming about.


It's for you if you've felt lonely in pursuit of your goals and want a team of cheerleaders beside you.

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What do you get when you sign up to the Incubator?


Everyone who signs up will have a 1-1 Get Set Session with the founder of Like Hearted Leaders, Claire Perry-Louise. A chance to create a solid plan on where you want to go and an evaluation of how you are going to get there.


You'll then be part of the Incubator Community, a place to connect to like minded people, all intent on crushing their goals by keen focus and through supporting others on their journeys.



We then focus on 3 key tools to support your success:

Live Facilitated Monthly Group Call

Embodying an intentional 3 part process designed to accelerate your goals & get accountability

Daily Online

Co-Working Space

A dedicated time to focus with others on taking action


Group Challenge

Guaranteed to reduce procrastination & get more stuff done



Above all the Incubator eradicates the loneliness and procrastination around creating momentum in your life and business by bringing you together with others who like you are ambitious, have big dreams & big goals that they want to achieve


"As a workshop facilitator with 20yrs experience I've worked with A LOT of people. And it gives you a very sharp antennae for what people are like. Good, bad and ugly. Claire is definitely a force for Good with a capital G. I have a bias for people that 'get' people but are also very giving in their pursuit to help and make interactions better and more productive. Claire is thoroughly passionate about the idea of community, what it can do and how it can work. She also has a very easy and disarming style that makes the act of joining and engaging with the communities she builds and supports incredibly easy and rewarding."

Cyrus Johnston

Experienced Facilitator, Workshop Designer and Collaboration Builder

The beliefs we embody in the Incubator Community


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Radical responsibility for your own actions


In truth we don't achieve the things we set out to achieve because we break promises with ourselves. We tell ourselves little stories about why we haven't done something and justify it.


In this Incubator we are going to develop the muscle of self trust. We are going to do the things we say we are going to do and we are going to do it because we have others helping us on our path. Get set go.


Commitment to yourself & others in the Incubator Community


This container is designed to get results. It's a healthy investment to be in it and so it motivates you to lean in and get the work done.


Signing up to this community is a commitment to yourself and to everyone else who joins.


A willingness to be open & vulnerable


Ok, so social media is basically one big highlight reel of people's lives. It is not REAL. People struggle, people are super lonely at times and feel lost.


If we are connecting with people's incomplete projections of their lives, how can we possible deeply connect? We can't.


If however, we connect in a space designed to build trust, a place for authentic expression then great things can happen.


Embrace our own uniqueness & individuality & celebrate collaboration


Firstly, we aren't here to compare ourselves with others in the community. It is so important that we recognise that we are all individuals on our own journey. Even if you are in the same niche, relax, you aren't in competition.


The Incubator Community celebrates collaboration and connection with others. Perhaps that just means sharing a social media post or acknowledging someone else in the community or it might be a full blown collaboration, either way this community thrives on support. If you only want to focus on yourself and not support others, it probably isn't for you.


Lead from a place of love, not from lack


Life is a rollercoaster. We are also bombarded with news and information that can send us into a downward spiral. You don't have to look far to hear bad news about the economy, wars, heartbreaks, losses etc etc.


While we acknowledge that life has ups and downs in this community we want to lead from a place of love and gratitude. Focus on the positives, not focus on the things we don't have.


The mind is powerful. The beliefs we have, fuel our thoughts, which lead to our actions, which lead to the results we get.


Let's collectively make a choice to design lives we love.


Radical accountability & goal setting in a group container

(warning: you'll get a lot done!)

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