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Like networking but instead of walking into a room full of strangers it's like walking into a room full of trusted friends who want you to succeed



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If you have a heart you can be a leader.


A safe space for you to voice the conversations in your head


We are for you if you have ever felt:-

  • Isolated and alone running your business or team
  • Like an imposter, not as good as the business leaders around you and afraid to ask for help in case it makes you look weak
  • Overwhelmed about how you can turn your big ideas into reality
  • Like you don't fit in maybe you feel unworthy, maybe you like different things to those around you, maybe you feel lost ... it's all welcome at LHL


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LHL offers a safe space for you to authentically voice the conversations in your head to increase your overall wellbeing, confidence & success

🎧 On a Friday ... 8.30-9.30am GMT on Zoom

These sessions are the core of our community & are powerful, meaningful & life changing.

🎧 LHL Circles ... monthly

A facilitated deep engagement session for connected conversations on topics not otherwise discussed.

🎧 LHL Monthly Workshops

An opportunity to take your understanding to the next level. Sessions run by experts in their field.

🎧 LHL Creative Breakfast's 10-10.20 Wed 

Based on a call to action by David Hieatt, bring your best ideas of the week to share with like minded souls.

🎧 LHL Business Bookclub ... (incoming)

Books can take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Carve time out collectively to read & apply.

🎧 LHL Community What's App

For when you just need your people. Your fellow leaders at your fingertips, so you don't ever feel alone between meetups.
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Meet the heart behind Like Hearted Leaders

Claire Perry-Louise

Host, Entrepreneur & Community Architect

"Having worked as a lawyer before becoming an Entrepreneur, I have experienced in all it's glory what it feels like to feel alone, disconnected and unsupported in a business. I think it is so important that we feel able to voice the conversations that are going around in our head, the ones that tell us our ideas suck, we aren't good enough to lead and that we are going to get found out at any moment because when we do, we actually realise all leaders feel the same and suddenly everything feels possible."

Find Claire on LinkedIn here

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2022 Community Industry Awards Nominee

Awarded To: Claire Perry-Louise



This community is my oxygen, as a leader of a small business, I really don't know what I'd do without it

Tanya Lynch

Founder of Lynchpin

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Like Heart Leaders is something I nearly didn't join into something I look forward to every week

Kevin Steinlechner

Financial Planner

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