A safe space for you to voice the conversations in your head

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Our Mission



To activate the authentic voice of 1000 leaders

Have You Ever Felt ...

Like every other leader knows what they are doing?


Isolated and lonely working on projects?


Like you are an imposter and it's only luck that got you to where you are and at any moment you might be found out?



Do you feel ...


Overwhelmed, tired and anxious about how you can turn your big amazing ideas into reality, or even how to complete your tax return, or post something engaging on social media?


Like you don't fit in ?


You have an important message to share but you sometimes don't believe in yourself?



No way?! ... You are an LHL'er!



Join the club because so many leaders feel this but at Like Hearted Leaders we actually voice it and it feels so good!


Like Hearted Leaders is the place you've been looking for.


A safe space for you to authentically voice the conversations in your head to increase your overall wellbeing, confidence and success


1-1 facilitated networking, so you never again are lost for words. 


Meaningful discussions & connections with like minded people.

Small group discussions are inspiring, motivating and lead to new opportunities.


A chance to expand both your networking and your thinking.

Deep dives into topics that will expand your thinking professionally & personally


Provided by the community, for the community.

Who's in charge round here?


Hi, I'm Claire Perry-Louise and I am a community builder. More than that, I am a leader, entrepreneur, facilitator, business owner mum, friend and I want to connect others who share similar values so we can grow not only as business owners but as individuals.


More About Me
Tanya Lynch Founder of Lynchpin

"This community is my oxygen as a small business owner. I don't know what I'd do without it."

Will Hemming MD of Tracker (check it out if you sell physical products) 

"This is a brilliant community of people who get together once a week, sharing successes, challenges and everything in between"

Alan Wick Business Coach

"This is a safe space for leaders to connect and be themselves"

Join us!


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Ruth Polden 
Feldenkrais Practitioner, Yoga Facilitator and Mentor

"If you are looking for a community where people feel championed, supported, able to step forward with honesty and vulnerability. Community that makes a difference. Look no further than LHL."

Kate Reid 
Executive & Team Coach

"LHL has become one of my favourite habits each week. I always come away feeling more inspired."

Adrian Sandy CEO GiLICIOUS

"To build a strong community you need expertise, passion and compassion. Claire, understands the processes of building communities but also why they are important and goes above and beyond to make them vibrant. I highly recommend her and LHL."

Our Values


Real conversations, even if they are difficult.

Courage to be vulnerable.

Growth & Learning comes through thoughtful feedback.

Freedom of expression, where everyone is worthy of contributing.

Amplify others.

Trust grows in balanced relationships of give and take.

Sophie Kirby  Creator of Sophie & Friends


"I feel so very lucky to be part of LHL. Our sessions are stimulating, motivating and inspiring! I highly recommend Claire and LHL" 

Zoe Belshaw Veterinary Specialist

"Like Hearted Leaders is an incredibly safe, fun yet educational space where we can come together and share challenges, ideas and inspiration. Despite dialing in from all over the world and being from a myriad of backgrounds, Claire's made this group cohesive, caring and incredibly mutually supportive through her careful curation."

Kevin Steinlechner

"Like Hearted Leaders is something I nearly didn't join into something I look forward to every week"

If you can't find what you are looking for, drop Claire an email at [email protected]