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Where is the support you need to lead and grow your business?


You have a lot to handle both professionally but also personally. 


Who's supporting you?


Who can you turn to when you are behind your desk and no one else is there?


You don't have to be alone.


This community is my oxygen, as a leader of a small business, I really don't know what I'd do without it

Tanya Lynch

Founder of Ease Retreats


How do I know if LHL is for me?


Are you feeling lonely as an entrepreneur, consultant, team leader, creative or maker ? Are you finding you can't show up as your true self? Do you need a space for authentic expression, connection and belonging with like minded people?


If this is resonating, look at our values below. Still resonating?  It's time to join us!



The Manifesto of a Like Hearted Leader 


If these resonate, you are going to love being a LHL'er

( i.e. what we call ourselves)


Radical Responsibility

LHL'ers aren't victims. We are self aware and take responsibility for ourselves and how we show up in the world.


LHL'ers are committed to themselves and to being part of a community. Building trust within ourselves to reach our vision and goals.

Open and Vulnerable

LHL'ers are prepared for authentic expression. Honest and open sharing to secure personal growth and of those around them.

Embrace Uniqueness

LHL'ers don't compare themselves. They seek to strengthen their own self worth & share their gifts in the world with conviction.

Celebrate Collaboration 

LHL'ers believe in the power of community. We are in it together and we support each other to grow and we take opportunities to grow together.

Lead from Love, Not Lack

LHL'ers are kind and compassionate to each other. We aren't in competition with each other we support eac other in our growth and expansion.

This is a v. cool book

Like Hearted Leaders sharing their stories. To support you with yours.

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Like Heart Leaders is something I nearly didn't join into something I look forward to every week

Kevin Steinlechner

Financial Planner

Member Testimonials

Claire Perry-Louise (a.k.a. Founder)

A girl who created what she needed


She imagined a space where you could be really honest and feel safe sharing what's going on in your life and business.


She created it and guess what happened?


Breakthroughs. Friendships. Business. Collaboration. Advice. Successes. Crying. Laughing.


Enough of the smoke screens.


Isn't it time you got seen, heard and supported?


Curious about Claire?


Find her on LinkedIn here


2022 Community Industry Awards Nominee

Awarded To: Claire Perry-Louise


How are you supported being part of this community?


Primarily we meet online live twice a week.


Throughout the week we are there for each other.


You will never need to feel alone.

ūüéß On a Friday ... 8.30-9.30am GMT on Zoom

The most impactful hour you will have online.

ūüé߬†LHL Monthly¬†Masterclasses

Run by the community. For the community.

ūüéß LHL¬†Creative Breakfast's 10-10.20 Wed¬†

20 minutes of THE best conversations

ūüéß LHL¬†Guided Journaling...¬†

Release stress. Ignite Insights

ūüé߬†LHL Community What's App

For when you just need to communicate.

ūüéß LHL¬†Live ... monthly

In person. In Exeter. Coming to you.
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The Newsletter

Before you go, a transcription from a voice note sent to Claire, in October 2023 from a Like Hearted Leader who hadn't come along for a month or two and then returned...


"I did love it, I really did love it and it just reminded me of the lifeline LHL provided me and uplift that I had, being able to come along to the group each Friday.


I just felt it all over again this week, just incredible, such lovely kind things said to me and such incredible on topic conversations yet again. 


I’m not going to give up on my dream and in facing the challenges that I have in these last few weeks in particular, it's always been the words shared by Like Hearted Leader group members that keeps giving me incredible strength . Thank you to you, Claire and thank you to them."


Would you like to be part of this too ?



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