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"If you are looking for a community where people feel championed, supported, able to step forward with honesty and vulnerability. Community that makes a difference. Look no further than LHL."

Ruth Polden

Feldenkrais Practitioner, Yoga Facilitator & Mentor

This is a brilliant community of people who get together once a week, sharing successes, challenges and everything in between

Will Hemming

MD of Tracker

"To build a strong community you need expertise, passion and compassion. Claire, understands the processes of building communities but also why they are important and goes above and beyond to make them vibrant. I highly recommend her and LHL.

Adrian Sandy

Brand & Innovation Strategist


If you are feeling lonely as a leader or business owner & need a space for authentic expression, connection & belonging with like minded people, then LHL is for you.


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More members sharing about Like Hearted Leaders...

"Having taken part in Claire's online community group, Like Hearted Leaders, for nearly a year now, I can honestly say what a fabulous and skilled Community builder and facilitator Claire is. 

She has built up an incredible group of not only like-minded, but truly like-hearted individuals who all care and contribute to each other and the wider world in a very powerful way. The care and attention she gives to us all during and in between the group sessions is fantastic.

I would highly recommend taking on board Claire's advice and expertise in this area, if you, too are looking to take part in such a group or set one up for yourself. She is an absolute natural talent and no doubt would be very capable of sharing her methods and practices in her unique way.

Hazel de Kloe

Wealth & Property Coach & Mentor

Claire has created a fantastic Community in Like Hearted Leaders and I am really grateful to be part of it. She has a special skill for bringing people together and persuading them to open up. Being vulnerable is definitely not my superpower, but Claire has managed to tempt me to open up more than I normally would. If Claire crosses your path take the opportunity to say hello.

Tom Barnes

MD of Vastern Timber

"Claire has created a wonderful space for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to connect with and learn from each other. It’s a true example of a business community that fosters human connections as well as professional support. LHL is part of a new wave of entrepreneurial communities that puts a spotlight the person behind the business and isn’t just focused on profits and growth.

Claire’s unique experience, knowledge and whole hearted commitment to supporting people is what makes LHL so valuable. If you’re looking more from your professional life than status, kudos and financial reward and are in search for more meaning in your work then this is the place to look..

Dr Carlos Saba

Founder of the Happy Startup School


"Claire is a born community builder. She took the lead in establishing a community of like-hearted leaders who attended The Keyboard CEO training course run by The Do Lectures. This community has met every week for almost three years; it's still going strong and adding new members all the time. This is a testament to the wonderfully warm, engaging way she facilitates the group, creating a safe space for people to be themselves. Rock on, Claire!."

Alan Wick

Business Coach

Claire is a gracious host and expert facilitator in a community that has quickly become my favourite circle of connections. She leads and continually builds this community with the passion, creativity, and consistency that are at the heart of this flourishing, supportive and inspirational group I feel so lucky to be part of.

Katerina Pavlakis

The Intuitive Cook

"Claire has a unique ability to bring people from all walks of life together that share a common interest AND keep them coming back week after week. I have been part of virtual groups before that fizzled out and numbers dwindled as people lost interest. This does not happen with Claire. Every week as we all gather together from across the world, Claire leads and facilitates our group and I always come away having learnt something and connected with someone new. If you're looking for someone to run, support or create a community for you, look no further. 

Anita Hamilton-Williams

Functional Medicine Health Coach