I'm Claire Perry-Louise. Founder of LHL.


I believe that creating community is one of the best things you can do in business.


As a former lawyer, I witnessed that the traditional way of doing business was outdated and it was time for a new approach. I've specialised in community building since 2013 and I've focussed on creating safe spaces for deep, engaged conversations with the people who matter in your business.


I've helped a wide range of businesses to build competitor proof communities that support innovation, increase positive communication and boost sales opportunities. I've worked with the likes of Facebook, Dent Global, Kantar TNS, LHI Group, One Year No Beer & a number of purpose driven Entrepreneurs who see the value in culture and community in the workplace.


I founded the community Like Hearted Leaders in 2020 to give leaders a safe space to voice the conversations in their head.


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A business community that fosters human connections as well as professional support


Like Hearted Leaders is part of a new wave of entrepreneurial communities that puts a spotlight on the person behind the business

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